In today’s world your journey starts with your determination to rise above a myriad of personal setbacks. We all have them regardless of our environments. Most of us have to hit rock bottom before we realize this crazy life of ours is really worth living and the key to success is really based on the way we work with others in the relationships we build.


The jest of it all is in being a real person who is honest to yourself and others. We all long to be accepted and loved yet within the best of intentions we work behind closed doors hoping somehow our life will become better and someone will appreciate us. Over the years the door becomes a wall where we stop reaching out. To this end we have learned to accept the lies we have been told about ourselves and seize to be effective in anything.

Of course this is not who we are designed to be and our real purpose reaches beyond our imagination. We can be assured the value we place on ourselves is understated while we do very little to improve our outlook. Alternatively, knowing who we are and why we matter is the first step in to gaining leverage against lies we’ve harbored as truth.

One of the reasons I wrote “How to Start a Millionaire Journey” was to show the road I have traveled and some of my reasoning I have encountered in my simple quest to help improve my outlook. I am not a Donald Trump or a Warren Buffet but I am a living breathing human being with an immense compassion for improving the lives of others.

My tools are encouragement, inspiration and sharing my story as often as I can. I would also like to share Christ with you and fellowship with you as a believer. However, this is your call. My job is to cast a seed as often as I can.

In my endeavors I am actively involved and deeply passionate in helping others recognize their potential. This all too often means helping others refocus life’s events in a healthier perspective than to listen to our own broken record by renewing our mind and therefore renewing our body, soul, and spirit.

In Michael Hyatt’s recent podcast episode #38 Change Your Story, Change Your Life I ask the question,

“Is there a practical way to refocus the meaning we associate with the various events of our lives to lead us to a greater sense of fulfillment?”

Well the answer is yes, and I encourage you to listen in and take note of the process Michael describes. Undoubtedly there is a way to begin to turn your life around for the better by writing a different, more truthful, and therefore more useful story.

Starting your journey is the first step.  Getting a clear focus is next and essential if you really are looking to make a change in your life. If for no other reason you should at least take notice of your actions and evaluate why they are ineffective in reaching your goals and aspirations.

Below please find a link to my e-book podcast “How to Start a Millionaire Journey” or visit my podcast page to listen to each chapter individually.

I am curious, what story would you rewrite to better serve you?

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2 Responses to Start Your Journey, Write a Better Story

  1. AF says:

    Thank you for your thoughts, Russ. I am new to your blog (I heard your question on the Michael Hyatt podcast) and have enjoyed what I have read. You have a very helpful website and I encourage you to continue writing. As a fellow blogger, I can appreciate the work you do.

    I can very much relate to the topic of rewriting (or needing to rewrite) the story I keep telling myself. I have had a few highly negative life experiences in my 30 years and have unfortunately developed a habit of telling myself that I am to blame for my misfortunes. I also continuously worry and fear for my future despite there not being any immediate, realistic threats. It can all be rather depressing!

    After listening to Hyatt’s podcast and reading your thoughts, however, I have a better understanding of what it means to rewrite the story I tell myself over and over. My interpretation of past events is simply that: an interpretation and not fact. I have control over what story I tell myself, so I will begin refocusing my thoughts and self-affirmations accordingly.


    • Russ Hess says:

      It has been a long time since your comment and I apologize. Honestly I have been consumed by a lot of distractions personally. I am now trying to pick up where I left off and just start blogging again. Thank you for your comment and encouraging words. Also, I think you will find Donald Miller’s “Story Line” to be a great help in this concept of writing a better story. He seems to have mastered this idea which offers hope to the rest of us.

      Thank you,
      Russ Hess

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