Easy on the Ears Radio

Recently I came across a radio station that I found while driving around town working my second job. At first I thought it was “too easy listening” for me but I soon began to appreciate the mood it put me in. Let me introduce to you KLUX Corpus Christi.

This station serves the community of Corpus Christi Texas and surrounding areas by FM frequency 89.5 in HD. However, beyond the the local area their live feed is available from anywhere on the Internet. This is why I am delighted to share with you a bit of joy I garner from being a daily listener.

I think what initially hooked me was the fact that I am a romantic by nature and many of the tunes on the broadcast help me remember a time in my life less thought of. So it allowed me to be somewhat reminiscent. To this I am truly joyed and essentially relaxed as a result.