My Story

like a lot of folks I have been looking for answers to some vital personal questions. What I long to do is to help others who are having similar challenges to discover break through moments toward answering some of those questions. The problem is you never know where someone is coming from. In my own search I have garnered a wealth of knowledge and perhaps wisdom of sorts although I am still learning. Here is my formal education ,in brief: I received a B.S. in Telecommunications Management from DeVry University in 1996 and a M.S. in Management in Management from Baker University in 2003. I have also completed a view hours of course study toward my doctorates.

Virtual Mentors

Jocko Willink – I have learned so much about what I am capable of from Jocko. He has certainly helped me to make a significant impact on my fitness. Since I started listening to and following him I have lost 65 pounds. I also consider much of what he says as useful and trustworthy because of his experiences. He coauthored the book “Extreme Ownership” with Leif Babin that drives the point that there are no shortcuts to hardwork and doing the right thing. My take is to never sweep problems under the carpet but instead deal with them immediately. The number one quote I keep in mind from this author is, “Discipline equals Freedom.”

Timothy Ferriss– I first read the Four Hour Work Week from this author and loved the rebel thoughts he gave as opposed to the status quo way of operating a business. Even more importantly his refusal to accept the mainstream way of managing his life and lifestyle is infectious and honesty a fresh breath of air in a highly competitive world. My way of describing what he offers to my thought processes is to consider that everything you do is largely an experiment that can be adjusted for better results. He also promotes a strong sense of non traditional education while infusing these ideals in to traditional education as well. Perhaps this is the way it was intended and our system got off track along the way. Key phrase for me is “Life is more like an experiment and less like an experience, so adjust to make a difference.”

Eric Jacobs and his cat Jax – I really enjoy following Eric and his kitty cat, Jax on YouTube. His channel and brand “Nomadic Fanatic” is the living story of a man and his cat traveling the country camping and boondocking in search of 70 degrees. I think what appeals to me about Eric is that he has built an online business that supports his life style. So in short, I am inspired by this as I build my own brand. In general though I am honestly entertained by Eric and his cat and enjoy his authentic delivery of his content. I have learned a lot about video just by watching the channel. I think my one phrase take from Eric and Jax is “Don’t be afraid to be real and authentic.”

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