A Chat with Best Selling Author Joel Boggess


One of the podcasts I love the most is ReLaunch with Best selling author Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei. The guests they interview have all met with adversity and have somehow overcome their circumstances to meet with a new and rewarding life. In this, I encourage you to tune in and listen.

What makes the show delightful, and dare I say addictive, is the richness of authenticity by the guests and hosts alike. For example, in show 236 world-renowned best selling author, Jack Canfield, describes his personal challenges after his divorce. It is as though the guests are simply having a conversation among friends, a true delight for the ears.

However more than what the show is and so greatly conveys are the inspirational moments really hitting close to home. In my case, simply hearing the stories of those who have done what I want to do and who have “ReLaunched” into a new career is great encouragement. What’s more is they candidly describe their challenges in following their true path and purpose giving me a sense of validation that I am on the right path. 

As testament to the power of this show I can tell you I have only been listening for a little over a week and it has undoubtedly struck a cord with my inner being. With this, I reached out to Joel on social media and was delighted to chat with him for a few minutes. 

In part we discussed some minor handshacking questions to get to know one another a little better first. During our conversation I asked Joel to mentor me through my journey.  To this I feel compelled to offer a brief overview. My passion is to motivate people who feel they lead a broken life into breaking the chains that bind them and discovering the  good and greatness from within them. In this respect I think I am in alignment to some degree with the ReLaunch Show.

As Joel and I continued our chat he mentioned that not having complete clarity is not a problem where it will develop over time.  I certainly agree seeing how it’s taken a number of years and experiments of sorts to even come this far. I understand the degree of ones success is really a measure of committing to an endeavor where discovering what works and doesn’t filters the mental chatter in to workable conclusions of purpose that support you.

Where am I in this endeavor? Well… I am a Former IT Manager who is now delivering Chinese food for a living. In this, I get to see numerous customers daily and spend a brief moment with them in their day. Delivering is an eye opener to my vision in understanding people just a little better and knowing that each us want and need the richness of caring relationships in our lives. So I get to share a smile while wishing them a wonderful day. Best of all I get to deliver their food to them.

In all it pays the bills and allows me a few minutes a day to manage a life transition for doing something truely awesome. I am not where I want to be, yet, but I am not in a bad place. God is showing me multiple co-current challenges to shape me in to the person I need to be. The way I read this is He must have something truely remarkable for me to do. All this to say my faith is building and no longer can I take the back seat to my life.

Joel Bogges is #1 best selling author with his book “Finding Your Voice” and cohost to the “ReLaunch Show” with Dr. Pei


So what has you wanting to make a change ?

Struggling for Personal Clarity

I have chosen this year’s theme as a “Year of Personal Clarity”. I’ll be honest it was a struggle for me to define what this really means and even more difficult to translate into action items to apply to my daily living. In all, I imagined that personal clarity to me is living life according to my inner vision or perhaps the way I see it. I feel this may really mean being authentic to myself. I know, this is may not be a challenge for others but for me it’s most likely the key to personal progress I am seeking. In turn, the lessons I learn in this pursuit may be transferable to others helping to build a platform for others who seek the same.

One of the first things I have done in this effort is to write down a list goals for the year. In this, I have considered goals that are not lofty but ones that cause me to stretch beyond my comfort zone to attain. For instance, one of my goals is to take a class in sign language. This means I will have to schedule the time to do this and pay for it all with the expectation that I will, in fact, learn something from it as an expected result. Other goals, are centered around being financially disciplined while others involve personal relationships all with intent on improving joy in my life and perhaps those around me.

So to be clear my initial attempt is to write down goals for the year that I would really enjoy accomplishing that would give me a sense of fulfillment and personal growth staying close to my inner vision. On this, the underlined structure is always going to be personal discipline.

The next effort for me is to describe tools and techniques for gaining personal control allowing me to actually obtain these goals. Much like a doctor prescribes medicine and therapy for overcoming health issues so it is necessary to have a strategy for gaining control.

What strategies do you use for gaining personal control?

Future Home Based Business, Listen Up

These days everyone is looking for advantage on his or her business, side job or home based business. It’s all a bit mind numbing to listen to another pitch that sounds something like 50 now to get in, 100 a month to get all in, and 25 a month for a website.

I personally know some folks who have done extremely well at this and I am happy for them. They have pulled away from their relentless job and engaged, full time, in their business journey. Yes, there are some very good opportunities out there if you are willing.

The unfortunate side to all this is the fact it does not work for everyone. More so, if you do not have a huge optimistic social following of people who love and care for you then you are initially at a loss for building your business unless you personally change. Quick advice; you cannot be shy.

Another business type I have seen is consultancy. This business is usually based out of your home. For the most part this is a business built on your unique set of skill sets that are in high demand. Often this is related to technical fields such as computers, engineering, and the like. In perspective, this usually requires you to woo a good base of consistent customers needing your services. Additionally, balancing your time between all the business and personal needs, pulling at your availability, is paramount to a sense of personal fulfillment and growth.

Expanding is inevitable over time as demand stretches you to hire help. However, if you do not hire you will need to closely marshal over your time to assure business is done. In some cases you may even end up having to tell customer “no” or in fact turn down new business because your schedule is too busy. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are not ready for, or have they even explored their options. This leaves their business seemingly peril while they are in a quandary for what to do.

These types of businesses do however make a significant amount of money but may have no infrastructure to handle a larger volume of business. The battle is in transitioning their business for growth by strategically letting go of a significant amount of responsibility. This is done by delegating those responsibilities to others you trust. Needless to say, you must hire the right people to do the job you have always done before.

However providing you can work through some stepping-stones there are huge rewards in building an effective team to run the business. The objective at this point should be focused on visioning the organizations future while sustaining guidance to the team’s efforts. Unfortunately, this is where most get lost for one of two reasons or both. Either they do not know how to lead or they do not let go of the day-to-day to become a visionary for the organization.

With so many people preaching, “home based business”, as an answer to leveraging your income, perhaps it is not a bad idea to have a little foresight in to how to manage it. So, regardless of the opportunity you are involved in or planning to get involved in take time to forecast the challenges of being successful.

Most important to your journey is to keep trying even through your failures. Of course, take your newfound wisdom to the next opportunity and do not ever give up.

Wow Those You Want to Woo

Why do some people try to hook you in to some opportunity knowing your heart is not in it? Then to appease your annoying relative or friend you cave in and buy the darn widget or widget service just to get them off your back. Annoyance marketing is absolutely the worst way to sell.

In reality wouldn’t it be better to be chased by a ferocious animal then to have your family and friends disown you. Believe me, there is no honor in offending the ones you care about unless it is in love and admonishment. These people love and care for you, they don’t want to haggle with you on some widget- wayward- whiny-honking story about how to save the world one widget at a time.

I love the old line, “If you don’t get in now you will be missing the opportunity of a life time”, it makes me think, and how many other opportunities did I miss to this same line. Of course, I’m going to miss the opportunity, isn’t this the point if I want to avoid the buy in.

Here is the thing you have to remember in selling. The product or service you are selling has to wow them. Most people could care less about you or how well you can carry on a conversation with them. In perspective, the product you are offering must be amazingly useful if they are ever going to see the value in it and therefore buy it.

On the other side of the coin when people do end up caring about you, it is not because of what you sell. More so it is the relationship you have with them whereby they admire something about you.  My advice is to build the relationship first and let the product or service do the heavy lifting. You can always find other things to sell but relationships are too precious to squander.

In addition, there is no transfer of excitement about the product or service you selling unless you personally use it and enjoy it. Your lack of commitment will eventually become obvious and there will be no backpedaling to clear your status. So avoid the inherent skepticism and either use the stuff you sell or find other stuff you use and sell it.

Now providing you are sincere and you aren’t bugging the heck out of the people you love then go build relationships and your network of loyal customers. When others see how these products and services benefit you they are more willing to become loyal customers. These days your authenticity has to be genuine because it is way too easy to see through a fake.

My objective is to help you better discern elements of truth in the way you sell, build relationships, and encourage loyal customers. In this, stay true to your heart and be authentic. As well, if your product or service doesn’t wow people don’t be surprised when it doesn’t sell.

Rocket Conversions by Funnels

If you are a network marketer no doubt you have heard about squeeze pages. Built a lot like the shape of a funnel in concept they take an eye catching head line and draw you in. They are an entourage of lengthy and captivating ad copy designed to make you salivate all the way to the bottom of the page where you pull out your credit card and place an order.

The question is; what does it take to design the ultimate traffic-converting page and rock your cash flows to the moon? I believe it is a combination of two very important ingredients. First, you have to have a platform. This is people following you online through social media presence, forums and user groups.


Ultimately, in your platform you share information, opinions and resources on your website or blog. Here you instigate conversations around the products and services you offer to let your readers know your authority in the topics you discuss. The main idea is to give your readers the confidence in trusting you and offering a valued unique perspective.

Over time, this translates into loyal customers and raving fans providing your products or services demonstrate a sense of elation. If you notice I never said quick, fast, or overnight in describing the process. Instead, it takes an enormous amount of time to build a following and there are no guarantees.

Ad Copy and Marketing

The second ingredient is an eye for detail when you notice other people offering similar or related products. The real question here is; what are they using to get results? I am not advocating copying their ads however there is certainly nothing wrong with modeling some ones site for ideas in your own campaign. Of course making adjustments is all part of the game.

Gaining familiarity with online markets is one way to expanding your ad copy knowledge. However, a few master champions out there offer a great deal of help to novice and pros alike. John Carlton is one such copywriter and Dan Kennedy is another who offers a enormous amount of advice without the hype.

Another good source for understanding the whole platform-sales-funnel-concept is HubSpot. They offer a done for you product geared for high end companies attempting to bridge the bricks and mortar into clicks and order and building brand recognition in your online presence.  In this, they provide an enormous amount of free educational material to help educate you from the ground up about internet marketing.

In all of this I hope to provide a few pointers in your search for building your squeeze page, marketing funnel, and ad copy. Of course, I must always confess I appreciate your readership and sincerely hope I can learn from you in the near future.

Here is my humorous example of a Squeeze Page.



Reading and Growing in Your Leadership

One of my favorite sayings is “readers lead and leaders read”.  However, it takes more than just a good habit of reading to lead. More so, it takes a purposeful intent to learn, stretch and expand your knowledge in a particular way where it has an impact on your current and future actions.

Reflecting on your past is also important. This is to note the lessons learned by your successes and failures. I often consider reflection as the road to wisdom where learning from my mistakes gives me a priceless insight.  My hope is to always survive my current failures where I may be given a second chance to try again and improve my results.

Then, as I make adjustments with better information and or resources, I can usually assure my progress with tasks and goals are attained. To this point, reading becomes an essential part of my personal progress. From learning new techniques, concepts and theories or simply learning from other’s mistakes, reading is often the key necessary to help me weigh out the differences of any given path.

Another important ingredient to leading is sustaining a willingness to persevere through challenges. All too often, this referrers to putting on a happy face and continuing.  This is far from the truth because being willing to preserver is really about admitting your weaknesses and reaching out to get help. My standing argument on this is “somebody somewhere has had the same challenge or challenges and was kind enough to share their story”

Therefore, there is really no need to reinvent a solution to a challenge especially when you consider the amount of human history being documented and made searchable online. From cave paintings to e-books and other electronic media there is really no shortage of reading materials to help you learn.

You may say ,”this is all great but I’m not a leader”.  In my opinion, we are all leaders as we influence one another’s lives through shared experiences. From a little newborn baby to the eldest of our human race none of us evades our impact on one another. It is true we may feel forgotten at times, but to be forgotten you must first be known and thus you have affected someone’s life somewhere and have earned your leadership title.

I feel our leadership role to one another is to encourage, help, build up, and grow in our understanding and to then share the experience through letters, blogs, social media, or whatever transfers our stories where it can be shared. Who knows who’s life you may change in your leadership? With this, I suggest being the best leader you can be and taking the time to read the stories and experiences of others.

Doing What You Love

Lately I have heard stories of people finally getting involved in what they love. From music to writing or serving the community the stories are nearly all the same. 

It often begins with admitting there is a gift or special talent that has been put aside for years to attend to a busy life schedule. Of course the trade off seems logical in every case. I have even heard stories where some folks pursued their passion and failed miserably leaving there life in shambles. 

In my own case I put aside my musical talent, writing, and serving in the community. All of them I love to do but I could never seem to balance the want of doing what I loved with the need of providing for my family. 

However, my perspective recently has changed and it may be that I am older, bolder, and less willing to give up those things I truly love doing. I also discovered I am now more willing to share and seek out opportunities to do what I love where they are in alignment with this mindset.  

With all this, I recognize the number one factor in why any of us retreat from what we love is a fear of failure in not being accepted. We somehow equate our talent, passion, or love as not being near as worthy as having a job or career because it would seem to lead us to an unprofitable outcome and thus not being socially acceptable. 

Furthermore we blame the economy, and our life predicaments for not providing the perfect environment for us to thrive in where we could do what we love. I mention this because I have done this too. The truth is we are fearful for stepping forward and sharing our passions and therefore we dismiss our opportunity of truly developing our gifts into something fruitful. 

I say fruitful because not everything we do in life is all about the money. Yes, money is an important factor in our society but it has very little to do with being internally fulfilled. So perhaps balancing our lives to be both prosperous in our career and sharing in our gifts is a better proposition.  

In reality I am still learning how to balance my own life with numerous challenges and circumstances. I am also seeking out ways to embrace what I love as a means to building confidence in my gifts where it may compliment my life more fully.  

As I make this step I hope to gain insight I can then share with you and perhaps pass a long some encouragement to inspire you in your hopes and dreams of doing what you love.

 Are you doing what you love? If not, why not?

Better Life through Better Stories

I have heard a number of recent authors talk about how if you want to change your life then change your story. The story they refer to is the one you tell yourself every day. The concept has been around for years.

Norman Vincent Peal wrote a book called “The Power of Positive Thinking”, first published in 1952. The basic idea is thinking in terms of progress even though some things are not going to turn out the way you like them. Perhaps it is best to say, “stay focused on what works and make adjustments on what doesn’t.”

I think your mind will work with whatever you give it weather it is positive, negative or some neutral point in between.  For instance, the story Thomas the train starts with Thomas thinking he wasn’t strong enough to make it up the mountain. However, he made it any way by saying he could do it.

I know it seems so elementary and simple but it is basically true. Of course it’s not like saying something a million times is going to make it happen, but if what you need is encouragement then the battle is fought and won in your mind.  No mindless sunshine, just a real honest expression of perseverance will do fine. 

It all amounts to what you feed your brain and what you may be influenced by. So, tell yourself a better story to get better results. Honestly though, has negative thinking ever produced a good outcome for you?

There is no mystic cosmic theory here, just changing your life for the better by making adjustments to what you are telling yourself on a daily basis. So, I just debunked a multi-billion dollar industry by explaining the foundation of making self improvements.

You take what you have and you continue the path all the while making adjustments along the way for what does or doesn’t work out. You find the path by studying what others have done before you who have gained the results you are looking for. It’s your story to write so why not write it even better?

What story are you writing for a better life? 

Get Noticed be Remarkably Sharable

Something everyone wants to know is how to get your story, cause or mission into the fast lane and scream past the competition.  The goal of gaining an audience’s respect and facilitating some kind of need is always the focus. People who follow you do so because you offer them something they can’t get anywhere else.

This is where personal perspective and personality plays into effect. In other words, your audience seeks to connect with your perspective in your story, cause, or mission because it is remarkable. The desired outcome then is to encourage people to share your message in their circles of influence.

The old days of “build it and they will come” has dried up. The new schema is really not new at all but an old tried and true campaign revisited with supercharged technology. This is, of course, “word of mouth” marketing. Respectively, it is probably the oldest form of spreading your message. The difference today  is now we live in a cyber-social culture which is remarkable in and of itself.

This mean your audience is social media connected and extremely mobile. Your potential audience can hardly resists the temptation to share something about you in a way that gains them a little notoriety among their friends and family.  Finding a way to stay in pocket with people where they start talking about you more becomes the strategic question.

I can hear you asking the next question: “So what do I do?” The answer is easy enough; engage your audience and speak to them as though they are in your living room. Who cares if nobody is following you yet? When they do they are going to be impressed by how consistent you are about being remarkable. So strive to be remarkable and not ordinary. Ordinary is boring.

Remember, remarkable is not being perfect its being worthy of attention. Being noteworthy and sharable is the intent. Staying consistently remarkable is the strategy. Just in case you need examples just look at Lady Gaga, Gangnam Style, or even the latest controversial Miley Cyrus VMA performance.  If you do the same thing everybody else does then who cares?

I don’t think you have to go overboard but chances are you are modeling somebody else. The idea I think is perhaps not being the 99 fish that travel in the same direction but the one fish who thinks for itself.  Creatively and purposely challenging the ordinary is the quest.

What are you doing to be remarkable?

How to Write a Blog Post


Creating an elegant blog for people to visit is only the start to a journey of sharing your story, mission, or cause. Besides enticing others to visit and stay for a while, there is the ceaseless task of creating content that attracts an audience. 

So really it boils down to; “what I do write about this week?” In my case I follow a content rule I have set up in my about page describing the purpose of the blog. This becomes the topics and categories I use for all of my posts such as blogging, social media, writing, etc.  

This leads me to writing purposefully to encourage, inspire or entice the intrigue of minds for those who will either like me or like my content. Yet for this reason, the whole proposition of blogging may seem a bit useless unless you are looking to expand your reach. 

You can experiment with your content for sure but it really leads to a few rules of thumb to consider. For instance, a lot of traffic on the internet is generated by people searching how to do something. So maybe writing a “how to” post might be good. 

Another great read for your audience are reviews of products, books, movies, or just about anything someone may want to learn about before they buy it. This is an excellent way to attract folks but be sure to mix your personality in there somewhere or you may seem like an infomercial. 

Just remember most people have to be wowed by something to grab their attention. Once you have their attention they want to be entertained and given an opportunity to engage the conversation. So if you are a clever writer or conversationalist, great. Just be sure it all ties in together or you will lose the connection. 

Also, include some relevant pictures to in your post to help your visitors move in to the paragraphs because the last thing they want to see is a wall of words that looks like that 45 page essay they had to write once. To this, most folks can only take in about 400 to 500 words visually before saying “no way” and going elsewhere.

If you want to learn more about blogging or building a platform I suggest connecting with Michael Hyatt or Seth Godin these guys offer a wealth of information on the topic and you will certainly enjoy learning their perspectives.

So how do you come up with content for your blog?