You need a vacation yet time and budget are a challenge.

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Your life is ruled by your stuff. If you had to fit it in a travel van like this one what would you have to get rid of? Maybe your life style would change too? Perhaps for the better?

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Finding Purpose

You can thrive from a sense of connection to others.

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Concern, Perspective and Hope

My concern for most is the fact that we all have resources at our disposal and control yet have somehow discounted them because they are not traditionally acceptable. In other words we allow the mainstream thoughts and sound bites lure and alter our decisions where we are always wanting and never arriving to a moment of contentment or a joyous journey.

My perspective is to take three areas of our daily lives; physical refreshment, the frugality of less, and connecting with others and expound upon ways we can apply them and truly impact our lives.

I am certainly wanting to learn these lessons myself and as I do I want to share them with others. My hope is to bring joy and a sense of community to you where we can both enjoy the journey and learn from one another.


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